Our facades: practical, attractive and efficient.


Roche Bau 2, Basel

The prefabricated Activ-Air-Plus Façade elements with integrated blinds running up in one straight line over 205m form the currently tallest building in Switzerland.
On the North side the building runs upwards in a staircase shape, of which every third floor has an external terrace area. On the first twelve floors there are four Loggia areas with glass soffits. All facade elements were installed from outside by tower crane.
For the technical and screenwall areas additional primary steel constructions were installed.
The ground floor stick system facade consists of a 6m high welded steel construction.
On the North and South faced façades, two canopies with a 4m projection and glass soffits are integrated in the transition from ground floor to element façade.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel
Herzog & De Meuron, Basel